Table Styling Goals // Open House at The Bradford

Hi friends,

Last week, I was fortunate enough to receive an email from Amanda Honeycutt of Amanda Blair by Design and chat + connect with her! She was in the process of creating a styled table setting for the upcoming open house event at The Bradford and was in need of a few paper details. Of course, no table setting is complete without some pretty paper goods! ;) 

I contributed a few name place cards along with a sample of "The Maddie" wedding suite + a little promotional card I whipped together - I'm still in awe of how gorgeous this table turned out (insert ten heart eyed emojis) - Those florals by Wylde Flowers, that table + tableware from Cottage Luxe and these photos from  J. Christina Photography! I wish my dining room table looked this good :)

Thank you everyone for sharing your talents and a big thanks to Amanda for allowing me to be a part of this gorgeousness! It never ceases to amaze me what creatives can do when they work together.


Naming Ten Acre Paper Co.

Hi friends,

Welcome to the TAPC blog! - Here, I'll share my insights and experience on different topics relating to the TAPC brand along with other just-for-fun things :)
I hope you enjoy!

I thought I'd start with my personal process for finding/creating the Ten Acre Paper Co. name. I feel like there are so many different ways that people come up with their business names, and I don't believe there is any right or wrong way of going about it, but here's my story:

Creating the name for my business was a huge undertaking! I knew the style of my artwork (simple, earthy, bold), I knew the kind of brand I wanted to create (mindful, meaningful, relaxed, kind-hearted) and I knew my values and goals for the company (to create tangible watercolor and hand lettered designs that support, encourage and act as reminders to make space for and enjoy the meaningful things that happen in every day life) - so, I wanted to make sure the name reflected all of those things.

a few images from my moodboard. // photos from once wed, cakes by cliff, the autumn rabbit and garden.womensfuturebenefit

a few images from my moodboard. // photos from once wed, cakes by cliffthe autumn rabbit and garden.womensfuturebenefit

I spent a couple months gathering inspiration images, creating mood boards and working through different words and their meanings trying to figure out the direction I wanted to go. Some days my husband, Spencer, and I would text different words back and forth and create different combinations to try and spur up any new ideas. The thesaurus pretty much became my best friend :) But I wasn’t going to pick just any word(s), I wanted the name to give people a sense of the company by just hearing it + seeing the logo.


Acre was first. It made so much sense! Here's my brain trail: When I think of paper, I think of trees (and beautiful, tangible pieces of art that last forever :)). When I think of trees, I think of nature and the outdoors. When I think of nature and the outdoors, I think of exploration and adventure. When I think of exploration and adventure, I think of places that are spacious and underdeveloped - and when I think of those things, I cultivate feelings of excitement, curiosity, and relaxation all at the same time. For me, the word acre provides a perfect picture of what so much of this company stands for in a single word. Can you see it?


Ten was next. I wanted to add a personal element into the name to give it a little more umph and personality. The number ten has been a part of my life so far in so many different ways, with the main connection drawing from being born on the tenth of the month (and my cat, too! haha) - The other reason that kind of sealed the deal, is the association of the number ten when ranking something. Ten most always is associated with the highest level, zero / one being the lowest. The number ten is something I strive for every day. I want to continually and consistently better my skills in and knowledge of this industry and always reach for that number ten spot.

After combining the two and saying it out loud, I had a sigh of relief. I'd found it! "TAPC is about fully acknowledging your surroundings and finding space and serenity wherever you are. space to explore and learn, space to rest and restore, and space to reflect and grow. most importantly, space to live in and enjoy your moments."

I hope you enjoy my paper from the acres. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an email to!